OLCC is pleased to announce 2023 Board Directors

The Bylaws of OLCC allow for 21 Board Directors, however, the Chamber had been operating with less than that figure since launching in 2018. Last fall, due to the lessening of the covid pandemic, the acting Board resumed regular official procedures, and announced plans for Board Director Elections, to be held on Tuesday, January 17, 2023.

Hosted by The Unity Council, the event attracted a great turnout of past and present Board members, Chamber members and supportive individuals. Wonderful food and drink was provided by several nearby restaurants, Councilmember, Noel Gallo officiated the proceedings. There were 21 candidates vying for 21 positions, so by acclamation, all participants were declared winners. Among themselves, they selected the Executive Committee which now includes; President: Joe Partida, Vice President: Daniel Brajkovich, Treasurer: Oscar Lopez, Communication Secretary: Valentino Carrillo, Parliamentarian: Andres Jimenez, Sergeant-at-arms: Darlene Crane.