The OLCC outreach team for the city of Oakland’s cares act grant has been assembled by the chamber to reach all our eligible Oakland Latino small businesses. We are especially focused on providing services in east Oakland and west Oakland. We believe the backbone of the Latino business community is in many ways under-resourced, underserved, and less linked to the greater communities of Oakland. 

Our goal is to break this isolation and to include all of the amazing people from all over Latin America that compiles with our business community. It is essential that during the Covid-19 pandemic, all the resources, assistance, and connections be made to assist, strengthen, and further the progress of our business. 

We will be reaching out to you! whether it be by phone, email walking in, or social media to inform and assist in providing services the OLCC has in partnership with the city of Oakland and others in the business community. 

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Maria Ponce, Owner of Estetica Unisex Mary’s, Recipient of the 10k Grant.
Jorge Torres, Owner of Candy’s Health Center, Recipient of the 10k Grant.
Elizabeth Cardenas , Owner of Estrellas de Sinaloa, Recipient of the 10k Grant.

Contact Our Outreach Team

‪(510) 679-3190‬