Capital Para Tu Negocio, May 3, 2023 Small Business Week

Mixer at Lake Chabot Golf Course, April 19, 2023, with the Preston Pinkney Foundation and Mayors from 4 East Bay Cities. Photos by Graig Brooks with Photographers at Large by Auintard Henderson

MIXER at El Huarache Azteca, November 1, 2022, photos by Spencer Sikes

MIXER at La Furia Chalaca, October 5, 2022, Photos by Graig Brooks with Auintard Henderson

Holiday MIXER at CaƱa Cuban Parlor & Cafe, December 16, 2021, Photos by Auintard Henderson,

1st 2021 MIXER at Que Rico, November 2, 2021 Photos by Auintard Henderson,

Cypress Mandela Training Center Celebration, October 27, 2021

CHCC 2021 Convention, Sept. 9-11, Indian Wells, CA